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  • Bienvenido visitante, somos los profesionales de la Acuicultura en Chile, formados en la Universidad de Chile y compartimos una visión tan simple como estratégica.

  • "El agua es la fuente y futuro del mundo, en Chile por lejos mejor que el cobre y las actividades Pesqueras, Agropecuarias y Silvícolas",

  • Somos un Hub de Asesorías en Acuicultura, cultivos de peces y mariscos, análisis de aguas, trámites de concesiones, etc

  • Promovemos el uso racional y estratégico del agua...

Paisaje montañoso por el mar

The smart way to manage Bodies of Water

We provide advice on the Environment, Water Laboratory and Projects
Our history

We are heirs of the pioneers in Aquaculture of the University of Chile in 1973, here you will find the Professionals who shaped the development of the industry, today one of the highest income in the Country, after Copper, 

Our vision

We aspire to be a benchmark in the Industry, qualified managers of bodies of water in the Country.

Summon the most qualified professionals in the Area and collaborate with the public policies of the only and strategic national resource, the Sea and bodies of fresh water.

Our values

We are inspired by humanist values, principles and virtues in harmony with the environment and the development of people.

Who are we

How we work


With the knowledge and progress of science applied to development processes and ventures in Aquaculture, extensive teaching support and research


With years of experience and practice in the field, as well as in process management and production assurance.

How it works

"The smartest product on the market"

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Phone: 56-977907262

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